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Limerick/Basque music partnership produces Te-Uhinak

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LIMERICK musician and field recordist Brendan Donnelly teamed up with musician Benat Fuentes from the Basque region of Spain to form China Field Recordings in 2012. Using portable recording equipment the duo travelled throughout the Zhejiang region capturing the sounds of rural Chinese folk and ethnic music, performed by local singers and musicians on location in southeast China. The fruits of that endeavour can be heard on the album ‘Zhejiang Recordings’ on the website
Earlier this year, taking inspiration from the Zhejiang recording sessions, Brendan Donnelly and Benat Fuentes recorded the album ‘Te-Uhinak: Songs Inspired by China Field Recordings’.
Te-Uhinak is a 14-track album of original music. It mixes atmospheric European roots sounds with moments from the duo’s recording experience in China.
Te-Uhinak takes the listener on a journey from the opening track played by Limerick’s Matt Bashford on uilleann pipes through to the field recordings of Buddhist chanting at LingYin temple Hangzhou China. Along the way musicians Brendan Donnelly and Benat Fuentes lay an intriguing backdrop of contemporary roots music interspersed with recordings of Chinese folk singing and instruments such as ErHu and Dizi.
Matt Bashford on Uilleann pipes opens and closes the record with stirring performances, the sound of the guitars that underpin much of Te-Uhinak are so wonderfully realised that you can feel their warm dark tones as if they were being played right next to you.
‘Te-Uhinak: Songs Inspired by China Field Recordings’ is an intriguing musical trek across the globe. The record is out now on Hotsak Records,

Song for Arthurs Day

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COMPOSED by Chris Kavanagh & The Patriots, ‘To Arthur’ celebrates Arthurs Day today Thursday September 26. Chris Kavanagh performs his show ‘Legend of Luke Kelly Dubliner’ on Friday October 4 @Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick


Singers Wanted

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IF you are a singer with a song to sing there are slots available on stage today at the “Jobs Not Debt” protest taking place at Pery Square from 2pm. The Limerick Council of Trade Unions is organizing the march and rally assembling at Hartstonge St at 1.30pm.

Limerick show for Owensie (Full Interview)

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Limerick show for Owensie (Full Interview – an edited version appeared in this weeks Limerick Post Newspaper)

FOLLOWING on from last year’s debut Aliens, Owensie returned this month with a new band, a new sound, and a new record to be launched. Citizens may draw surprise from those familiar with the Dubliners classical-guitar-based solo work to date, as his new record kicks off with a heavier and more aggressive sound. The album mixes elements of folk, alternative rock, bossa nova, classical, and dance, with the consistent presence of Owensie’s flamenco guitar and doom laden falsetto throughout.
Owensie is joined on Citizens by Lewis Hedigan (drums), Julia Mahon (saxophone, string arrangements), Andy Mooney (percussion), Dek Hynes (bass and keys) and Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh (viola).
Owensie spoke to Limerick Post this week.
Limerick Post: How has the experience been for you on Citizens, recording with other musicians Lewis, Julia, Dec etc?
“Overall its been really great. It really opened up a lot of possibilities for what the album could become over the whole writing process. I was enabled to explore more moods within the music. I’d already collaborated with Julia Mahon for the first album on which she composed the string arrangements and piano parts. She also played piano on that album. On this album she has composed and performed all of the saxophone arrangements, and has also composed the string arrangements. With Lewis Hedigan (drums) on the other hand, I didn’t know him at all really. I just called over to his apartment one day with some demos and we had a chat about it. I tried to explain to him what it was that I was looking for. About a fortnight later we went into a rehearsal room and he had pretty much nailed the songs already. I’m not sure that the album would have been ready as soon as it was were it not for that.
He and Andy Mooney (percussionist on first album) gelled almost immediately too. I know Dek Hynes a long time at this stage. He is more than a musician and is great to have in the band because, aside from playing bass and synths, he is able to give a lot of input into the overall sound and dynamic of things. He has also ended up doing a lot the graphic design work for the album and its promotion.
Some parts of the album were recorded in his home in Crumlin. At the very beginning of the album you will hear a door banging. That is the sound of Dek’s upstairs toilet door. It’s made of pine, I think. And it has a really great sound.”
Limerick Post: Songs like Rogue Trader tell about someone “living by the bottom line” and there are mentions of “doom clouds” and “the well’s dry” in Hang Your Head Low. Is Citizens a commentary on what has been the national “post-tiger” mood and conversation here in Ireland?
“Yes,absolutely, and that was driven by a fear that in Ireland, in the possession of arguably the most vibrant and expanding music scene in Europe, didn’t appear to be addressing or discussing the very immediate and dire situation that it is existing within.
‘Rogue Trader’ was written with the story of people like Kweku Adoboli in mind. This young person who was enabled to gamble billions away. He will no doubt spend many years in prison. But ultimately I don’t believe that anyone is particularly surprised by his actions. He is simply the fall-guy for the inevitable failure of financial markets. No one wants to know how investment bankers make people money. Not until they start to lose. Then they want someone’s head on a plate, to protect them from having to acknowledge their own apathy.
‘Hang Your Head Low’ is part violent fantasy and part satire. How many times do you hear people saying that the bankers or the government should be hanged for what they’ve done to the country? Well, I kind of try to live that as reality for a few minutes in this song. At the same time, its kind of laughing at these statements. There’s a line that goes “the fool’s rich but the poor man’s in the know”. Again, you will regularly hear people refer to politicians as idiots, or fools. But obviously, their power and wealth is no accident. So really those two positions should be reversed. The fool’s poor because the rich man is always in the know. And that often stems from the rich man being able to trick the poor man into thinking that he is in the know. George Bush Jr was the perfect example of this. The put-on, stuttering, salt-of-the-earth, persona that Bertie Aherne employed is another.”
Limerick Post: Who created the striking album cover?
“It represents me in so far as my son Tadhg is responsible for the artwork. He is eight years old. Before the summer holidays this year, he returned home from school one day with a folder containing his written work for the year. When I opened up the folder I discovered that a lot of the work was either incomplete or hadn’t been done at all. And so, halfway through giving him a lecture on the importance of trying your best in school and trying to get all of your work done, I realised that the folder had been covered, front, back and inside, in this very detailed and elaborate drawing. I asked Tadhg what it was about and he spent several minutes explaining the details of the story. One part of the story involved a helicopter exploding and people falling into the sea and crying out for help. You can see these people on the album cover near the top. I guess that I felt that the theme matched up with the lyrical content of the album; reflecting upon a sink or swim kind of moment in history. But I was impressed more with his style and the amount of detail involved. As it was drawn in pencil onto a dark green cardboard folder, we had to scan the image and then colour it in on computer in order to give it more vibrancy and make it more eye-catching as an album cover. The artwork has attracted a lot of positive commentary, and often from people unaware that it is the work of an eight year old.”
Owensie will perform the new album live with the new band on Saturday November 3 at Ormston House, Limerick with special guest Patrick O’Brien.

Wild West Music Weekender

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Kenny’s Bar, Lahinch are holding a Wild West Weekender featuring the best in Bluegrass, Cajun, Folk and Roots for Paddy’s Weekend. Happening from Thursday March 17-20, it features the fantastic Prairie Dawgs, the unstoppable Blue Stack Mountain Boys and the truly unmissable Two Time Polka. “Sheriff” Eoin O’Neill and “Deputy” Quentin Cooper play on the final night for The Dark Horse Sessions. Kenny’s guarantee “the most foot stompin’, toe tappin’, jaw droppin’, hip swingin’ hoe down the West has ever seen!!”


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Folk rockers Acoustra have uploaded some tracks from their forthcoming album, “The Story So Far” for you to listen to on (just search for acoustra) Check out the excellent “Techno Trad” below it does exactly what it says on the tin and very effectively too.

02 Techno Trad by Acoustra

World Music Concert for a great cause

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parsec Monday 12th April brings to Dolans a world music concert in aid of featuring Parsec, Tribal Drummers and acclaimed storyteller Eddie Lenihan. connects people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. The website is an open platform which empowers individuals to lend to an entrepreneur in the developing world. By combining microfinance with the internet, Kiva creates a global community of people connected through lending in a transparent, accountable way.

Eddie Lenihan

Eddie Lenihan

Folk band, Parsec are all students of Irish Music & Dance at the Irish World Academy in the University of Limerick. Hailing from different musical backgrounds and 4 different countries the group combine their experiences and influences “to create interesting fusions and experiments with various concepts of arranging”. They will be joined by tribal drummers and storyteller, Eddie Lenihan. A good night’s entertainment for a great cause.


Paul Brady

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PaulBrady1Having spent the 60s and 70s singing folk music and playing guitar with such traditional Irish groups as the Johnstons and Planxty, Paul Brady surprised many when his first rock album ‘Hard Station‘ came out in 1981 featuring exhilarating and angry tracks ‘Busted Loose’ and ‘Nothing but the same old story’ and of course the anthemic ‘Crazy Dreams’. Since then Brady’s music has been covered by the likes of Cher, Tina Turner, Dave Edmunds, Santana, Bonnie Raitt and a host of Irish acts making him enduringly popular and the pre-eminent Irish singer-songwriter of his generation. HoobaDooba_HI2 Paul Brady’s new album ‘Hooba Dooba’ demonstrates the distinctive Brady style of strong melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and contemporary rhythms all led by his warm, distinctive voice which has lost none of it’s intensity over the years. And what of the songs? .. well number one in my top 10 ways to find happiness is to Count your blessings and that is what Brady’s ‘Money to Burn‘ recalls to mind as we are introduced today to a stressed out celtic tiger success story “the money markets are wrecking your head, you should have bought commodities instead” The song asks “When you gonna realise how lucky you are? You could be an infant junkie screaming for more. Or clinging to a refugee boat waiting offshore” the song concludes that “All I hear is one white male with money to burn. And a whole lot to learn”. The album’s most enduring moment arrives with the heart-warming, plaintive ‘One more today’ a sentimental but never schmaltzy love song. “One more today. With your kiss the perfect start” It is the perfect companion track to Elbow’s ‘On a day like this’ with it’s simple piano and subtle string arrangements and a refrain that will stay with you for many days to come. Other stand out tracks are the Lennon/McCartney cover of ‘You won’t see me’ and the Brady / Ronan Keating co-written ‘The price of fame’ a song of love now lost and a breakup that is impossible to explain. Paul Brady plays the University Concert Hall, Limerick on 29th April 2010. It promises to be enigmatic and impassioned performance from an artist with one of the best back catalogues in Irish music.
Paul Brady – Money to Burn

Hayseed Dixie

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Hayseed Dixie

Hayseed Dixie

Appalachian Rockgrass hellraisers, Hayseed Dixie first came to prominence in 2000 with the release of their first album, A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC thus creating a brand new niche in music where bluegrass playin’ hillbillys covered AD/DC and other bands like Queen, Black Sabbath and, eh, Scissor Sisters and they called it RockGrass. Hayseed Dixie will release their 8th full-length studio album on February 8th. ‘Killer Grass’ contains 7 original compositions along with 6 reinterpretations of previously known songs about drinking, cheating, killing and hell – with a particular emphasis on murder and death. The band have been a permanent fixture on the festival circuit for years with appearances at Glastonbury and the Cambridge Folk Festival and Electric Picnic and have clocked up over 1000 appearances in 21 different countries. But the most important fact worth remembering about a Hayseed Dixie gig is that you are absolutely guaranteed a good time when the guys from Deer Lick Holler bring their full-tilt party to Dolans on Friday, February 19th. Check out their unique version of Bohemian Rhapsody and some other reinterpretations here on

Ultan Conlon

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ultan-image Ultan Conlon will release his second single The Universe Tune on February 8th. from the critically acclaimed debut album, Bless Your Heart. The Galway-based singer/songwriter has crafted the perfect ‘make-up after a break-up’ tune … “Please push me, I love it, you could never be too cruel” …. “But I would never say I would never do anything to harm you”. Ultan’s sound is influenced by Ryan Adams and Ron Sexsmith and the album is a mellow affair dealing with love lost and found. With songs as strong as the title track and ‘Better Life’, we will certainly be hearing a lot more of Ultan Conlon in 2010.

Ultan Conlon's LP Bless Your Heart

Ultan Conlon's LP Bless Your Heart

He will be playing in Limerick as part of his upcoming tour in march with venue to be confirmed. Ultan also had one of his songs recorded by the late John Martyn, the track ‘Really Gone’ was sadly Martyn’s final release. Check out the new single and footage of the recording session for ‘Really Gone’.

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