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music4you-image is the newly launched website by Limerick based music therapist, Jack O’Leary, which aims  to promote and support access to musical experience in Ireland.The site offers a free space for people to advertise the various musical products and services.If your a band, a shop, a teacher or therapist it is a place to create a post.If you just want to discuss your musical experiences, from review a gig to a new drum kit, the forum provides you with the means.
The idea for came about says Jack, “when I wanted to buy a second hand guitar and spent a number of months searching for it on various Irish websites. I found the fact that there was no specific site dedicated to the sale of musical products and services frustrating and so, the idea was born. Why not put together a site that was committed to advertising music products? A one stop shop so to speak that will meet all your musical needs, a site that would hit all the right notes! The idea  to create a community that would make musical experience more accessible to people in Ireland was born.”


Hayseed Dixie

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Hayseed Dixie

Hayseed Dixie

Appalachian Rockgrass hellraisers, Hayseed Dixie first came to prominence in 2000 with the release of their first album, A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC thus creating a brand new niche in music where bluegrass playin’ hillbillys covered AD/DC and other bands like Queen, Black Sabbath and, eh, Scissor Sisters and they called it RockGrass. Hayseed Dixie will release their 8th full-length studio album on February 8th. ‘Killer Grass’ contains 7 original compositions along with 6 reinterpretations of previously known songs about drinking, cheating, killing and hell – with a particular emphasis on murder and death. The band have been a permanent fixture on the festival circuit for years with appearances at Glastonbury and the Cambridge Folk Festival and Electric Picnic and have clocked up over 1000 appearances in 21 different countries. But the most important fact worth remembering about a Hayseed Dixie gig is that you are absolutely guaranteed a good time when the guys from Deer Lick Holler bring their full-tilt party to Dolans on Friday, February 19th. Check out their unique version of Bohemian Rhapsody and some other reinterpretations here on