Music to watch for in 2010

4 January 2010 by musiclimerick, 1 Comment

Last Days of Death Country
These emo/grunge rockers have in their short time together garnered a reputation for intense live shows. Their Fergal Lawler (Cranberries sticksman) produced E.P. “Mode and Effect” is due for release in the Spring and features the tracks “Venom” and “Words” which you can check out on myspace

Windings, Steve Ryan’s side project while he rocked with the late and great Givamanakick now takes centre-stage this year . The line-up has now swelled to a full 4-piece band. Their new album, recorded by Tommy McLaughlin-(Villagers, giveamanakick, Cathy Davey) is ready and due for release. Windings are playing in Dolans with Ambience Affair and Puzzle Muteson on January 20th

Supermodel Twins
This 4-piece make power pop with melody and harmony. Their debut album produced by “The Cranberries” guitarist and songwriter, Noel Hogan is ready for release with the track “Bruises” slated to be the lead single. myspace

We Should Be Dead
Based in LA for most of last year WSBD have toured and toured some more to establish a US profile for the release of their, as yet untitled, second album which was produced in California by Owen Lewis ( R.E.M, Snow Patrol, The Game, Courtney, Killers, Lady Gaga). “Where Do We Stand”, “Electric”, “Breathe In” and “Up All Night” are all songs that have potential to be hit singles. The band have even impressed a hip hop legend… “That’s some top 40 shit right there” – The Game, October 2009. Here is a gem from their debut record filmed by Shane Serrano.

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  1. Jael 6 July 2015 at 06:28 #

    I assumed this gig was on in the wurohease until I turned up to find the place empty. I thought I had gotten my dates wrong but I saw a poster in the bar saying that the gig was upstairs. I have never seen upstairs as packed as it was for this gig. Luckily I found a spot just inside the door with a view (and a seat!) just before Fionn went onstage.The last time I saw Fionn in Dolans he was in the wurohease and there was a big crowd, so much so that the gallery upstairs was open, so I can’t understand why they put him upstairs on Sunday. I do recall that the crowd on that night was quite young too, however I was surprised at the amount of general chit chat and noise on Sunday as usually you could hear a pin drop at one of Fionn’s gigs.Apart from that, I enjoyed the gig and the new songs sounded good – I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the new album!

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