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THEME TUNE BOY debut single ‘Rose’

16 November 2009 by musiclimerick, No Comments
ThemeTuneBoy AKA Niall Quinn

ThemeTuneBoy AKA Niall Quinn

Niall Quinn, he who saw much active service with The Hitchers releasing two critically acclaimed albums in the late 90′s (i.e no one bought them but lots of people claimed they did) has released his debut single under the monkier THEME TUNE BOY. Described as something of a pocket rocket ‘Rose’ clocking in (and out) at a concise 49 seconds “Rose” will be available in a number of formats including download from all the usual suspects, hard copy with extra tracks or you can go for the DELUXE Have It Your Way Package wherein Theme Tune Boy will re-record the lead vocal changing Roses name, which is mentioned on average every 7 seconds, to that of any girl, boy, treasured pet you like.
Just try and keep the name under three syllables.

[wpaudio url='http://www.thelastpostandchorus.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/themetuneboy-rose.mp3' dl="0"]
More information on themetuneboy.com.